Senior Dog Class

10/25/2017 - 11/15/2017 @ 6:30 PM at The Dog Den Fitchburg with Deb Crawley | View Map

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?? Here at the Dog Den, we love our gray-faced furry friends & believe that all ages of dogs should have the opportunity to learn fun new ways to provide physical and mental enrichment! 

This class includes many activities to engage your dog's mind while being gentle on their body: scent games, trick training, treibball, low-level obstacles, and bodywork will all be included to keep your senior dogs' mind and body active and happy! 

Session Details:
Cost: $80.00
Length: 4 - 45 minute lessons
Size: up to 8

Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesday 10/25/2017 @ 6:30 PM with Deb Crawley at The Dog Den Fitchburg
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