Agility Foundations Level 1

6/4/2017 - 7/23/2017 @ 11:00 AM at The Dog Den East with Renee Grittner | View Map
This class is for dogs 12 months of age or older who have completed an intermediate obedience or focused attention class (such as Positively Focused.) Dogs should have a reliable sit-stay and be ready to begin off-leash work. Agility Foundations centers on crate games, handling, tunnels, and foundation jumping skills. Handling and obstacle skills are taught independently and then brought together towards the end of the session. This course requires minimal at home equipment and most exercises can be completed with every day household items.  
***Agility Foundations Class is appropriate for dogs that are dog-friendly and will be comfortable with being off-leash around other dogs (and comfortable with other dogs possibly approaching them.)  If your dog has a history of reactivity/aggression around other dogs, please see information for our Scrappers Class, and you may also consider contacting the Dog Den behavior team for a one-on-one private training session before you enroll for a group training class. 
Session Notes:
Class is 6 sessions. Skip 6/25 and 7/2.
Session Details:
Cost: $110.00
Length: 8 - 1 hour lessons
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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